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Business Agenda

The AlumForum 2021 business agenda is aimed at interprofessional interaction, strengthening business contacts between companies of the aluminum, glass and construction industries, market leaders and leading architects, draftsmen, developers, designers from Russia, the CIS and other countries.

Heads of relevant ministries and departments, industry experts, leading domestic and foreign architects and designers are invited to discuss topics and issues related to restrictions for the widespread use of aluminum in architecture and construction.

The program will include roundtables, presentations, lectures and reports, workshops, as well as discussions about new approach to the design of buildings using aluminum products according to contemporary foreign and domestic trends, and the issues of  «green» standards for construction and design.

Workshops by architectural bureaus in 2019


Topics 2021

  • Construction in Russia and the CIS countries. A course for sustainable development. Results and the future.

  • Implementation of national projects. The era of "green" architecture and eco-materials in construction.

  • Normative and technical regulations in the construction industry as a driver for the introduction of innovations.

  • Advanced solutions for modern infrastructure.

  • The architectural language of new technologies.

  • Competencies of the future.

  • 3R: restoration, reconstruction and renovation using aluminum and glass.

  • Positive Alum-emotion. Aluminum in the environment design.

  • Aluminum in public and residential buildings: aesthetics, durability, life cycle savings.

  • Public and private partnership in architectural and infrastructure construction.

  • Domestic experience of the best architectural solutions from leading Russian architects.

  • Foreign experience of the best architectural solutions from leading foreign architects.

International Dialogue


Online / Offline

Educational program

Workshops, lectures, advanced training courses, professional pop-up discussions for students and graduates from leading architects, designers and manufacturers of aluminum and glass.

The Forum's special section
«Aluminium on Transport Infrastructure»

Expanding the use of aluminum in transport infrastructure. 

The use of aluminum in transport facilities:

—  Bridges, overhead pedestrian crossings; 

—  Structural systems and fences, finishing materials and structures for transport facilities, transport hubs, subway stations;

—  Airports, engineering systems.

Invited to participate

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg of Russia);

Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation (Minstroy of Russia);

Ministry of National Economy, Republic of Kazakhstan;

Ministry of Architecture and Constriction, Republic of Belarus;

State Urban Planning and Architecture Committee, Republic of Azerbaijan;

VEB.RF - State Development Corporation;

ASI ­- Agency of Strategic Initiatives;

Opora Russia - Russian public organization of small and medium-sized enterprises;

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;

Business Russia - Russian Public Organization of private non-resource businesses;

Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP);

Union of Designers of Russia.

To participate in the business agenda
as a speaker please call +7 495 691-86-60
or fill out online application

Online application
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