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The exposition demonstrates clearly the capabilities of the aluminum industry: product samples for architectural and construction practices, translucent structures, wall panels, profile systems, decorative and finishing materials made of aluminum, architectural lighting, finishing of metro and interchange stations, pedestrian and automobile bridges, cable products , large-span structures, load-bearing and finishing materials for sports facilities, stained-glass windows, roofs and suspended ceilings, furniture and interior decor.
Current achievements and innovative technologies for aluminum and glass production and use in engineering, architecture, design, environmental design and public urban spaces.

Special exposition

  • Bridges from aluminum. Now & Next.

  • Aluminum. Transport infrastructure facilities (transport hubs, airports, railway stations, metro stations).


Organizations, enterprises and companies producing various types of aluminum structures, equipment, components engaged in the provision of services, supply, trade and use of aluminum products in architecture and construction are invited to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition is designated to demonstrate materials, finished products and technologies, which have already found their application in architectural and construction practice, as well as new developments and proposals.

Themes of the Exhibition

Aluminum in structure systems, enclosing and translucent structures, engineering systems, interiors, furniture and decor.
Aluminum in residential, public and industrial buildings

—  facade systems

—  mounted ventilated facades

—  wall panels, facade cladding

—  translucent structures, including painted, anodized, and decorated

—  window and door profiles, frames, elevators, balcony blocks, shutters

—  fire-prevention and special profile systems

—  aluminum composite materials

—  internal partitions

—  stained glass windows and shop windows

—  entrance groups of buildings, canopies

—  winter gardens

—  roof lights, glazed roofs

—  aluminum roofing


Aluminum on transport infrastructure facilities


—  bridge structures

—  designs and finishing materials for the metro stations, tunnels,
buildings of airports, transport hubs

—  enclosing structures

—  facing gas stations and various road structures


Aluminum on sports facilities

—  supporting structures, floors, finishing materials

—  prefabricated structures

—  long-span structures

—  tent structures


Spatial and long-span structures

Structures of prefabricated buildings


Aluminum in engineering systems:


—  cable and conduction products

—  innovative aluminum alloys for engineering systems

—  aluminum building constructions from alloys

—  coatings for aluminum structures

—  insulation and sealants

—  instruments   


Aluminum in the interiors

—  finishing materials, panels, wall paneling

—  stairs, fences,

—  suspended ceiling

—  furniture

—  accessories

—  lighting fixtures

—  small architectural forms


—  designing of residential, public and industrial buildings using aluminum,

—  software systems for computer-aided design of structures,

—  systems for automated calculation of structures,

—  BIM technology



To participate in the exhibition, 
please download and fill out
the Full application 
or fill out short online application

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